Bedroom setting Bedroom setting


Home – a place to call your own

Bringing the outdoors in by design

Lynden’s design is based on a biophilic philosophy – the idea that when you bring people closer to nature, you help them to feel more relaxed and at ease. Bright, spacious suites create beautiful views or offer a green, airy aspect – most with private ensuites to add to the comfort and that feeling of a personal haven, which is so important for feeling safe.

Shared dining space with a lot of natural light

Everything you need, right there

All the necessary fixtures and fitting have been thought about and designed with residents’ needs in mind. All beds are fully adjustable with call buttons within easy reach. And there’s enough space to feel comfortable too – bring a treasured chair, a much-loved artwork, a desk, or those cherished ornaments to feel at home. You can keep all those ‘can’t live without’ items nearby too, with handy inbuilt storage in every suite.

Suites have easy to use flat screen televisions with streaming services that provide a quality viewing experience when you’re not gazing out at the surrounding gardens. There are all the mobility aids to keep residents safe, with fittings in the bathrooms and walk-in showers.

Friends laughing together

A part of a community

Away from the private rooms, residents enjoy meals in the dining room or relax and enjoy entertainment in the lounges. Most of these spaces have pianos too which inspire many a good old-fashioned singalong.

Lynden features four accommodation wings – Gaffney, Kennedy, Leigh and Murray. Each wing has a well equipped kitchen and all the facilities you need for making tea or coffee for residents or guests.

Our Accommodation

The Gaffney Wing

Gaffney, named after the mayor of Camberwell who petitioned for the original establishment of Gaffney House, is surrounded by attractive garden areas, some of which are easily accessible for residents to enjoy. The generously sized single rooms all feature a private en-suite with all the fittings and fixtures. Gaffney features a lovely dining area and large lounge areas, plus also a number of smaller sitting areas where people can make themselves cosy and comfortable.

The Kennedy Wing

Kennedy Wing overlooks the beautiful Lynden Park in all its seasonal change. It features a number of small sitting rooms, each with beautiful views. In Kennedy, most rooms have a private ensuite, while some share a well appointed bathroom.

The Leigh Wing

Leigh Wing features large, single rooms which mostly share an ensuite. The suites are wonderfully spacious and feel modern with contemporary design. All Leigh suits are filled with abundant natural light.

The Murray Wing

Murray Wing is our Extra services wing, with rooms that include access to a small courtyard and more ‘hotel’ style services, such as wine with meals, daily newspaper deliveries, Foxtel streaming service, cooked breakfasts and weekly hairdressing appointments.

Accomodation costs

Living at Lynden incurs a Basic Daily Fee. This fee is payable by all residents and is indexed by the Commonwealth Government.

Some residents will also pay a Means Tested Fee based on their income and assets. This fee is capped at the means tested amount or the cost of your care, or $29,399.40 per annum, whichever is less. A lifetime cap of $70,558.66 applies. The fee is reviewed each quarter by the Commonwealth Government and collected by Lynden Aged Care on their behalf.

Residents can choose to make their accommodation payment in one of the three ways:

  1. A) Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD).

Pay the room price in full as a lump sum amount. The RAD is fully refundable when you leave and you can also choose to have any of your fees and charges deducted from your RAD.

  1. B) Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP).

Pay a daily interest equivalent amount added to your monthly fees. (See examples below)

  1. C) Combination of RAD and DAP.

Pay any portion of the RAD lump sum amount and pay the remaining balance as a DAP equivalent. (See examples below)


You can elect to pay the DAP as an additional fee each month, or to have it deducted from a RAD lump sum if you are making a combination payment. If deducted from the RAD lump sum, you will be levied an additional interest charge.

Any Accommodation Payment is due at the date of admission. Should you choose to pay the RAD after admission, you will be charged interest on any unpaid amount. The interest rate as of 1 April 2022 is 4.07% per annum. The DAP is calculated using the same interest rate.

Our maximum RADS range from $350,000 to $800,000, depending on the room type.  Please click below to view our current accommodation pricing.